Call for Papers

Sustainable Computing and Communication Technologies

Sustainable Design Architectures
Energy and Power Constrained Devices
Ultra-Low Power Sustainable System Architectures
Distributed Data Processing Systems
Network Optimization and Analysis
Energy Efficient Wireless Communication Systems
Sustainable Big Data Frameworks
Sustainable Cloud Computing Architectures
Energy Efficient Communication Protocols
Green Data Centres and Sustainable Data Processing Technologies
Energy Consumption Modeling Techniques
Network Standardization and Benchmarks
QoS and Green Computing Architectures
Sustainable Computing Models, Methodologies and Paradigms
Energy Efficient Wireless Networks
Low-Power Communication Technologies
Sustainable Analytics and Visualization
Theoretical Aspect of Sustainable Computing and Communications
Power- and Energy-Aware Scheduling and Resource Allocation

Sustainable Networking Technologies

Smart Network Modeling and Simulation
Smart Grids and Networking Technologies
High Performance Networking Virtualization
Sustainable Networking Standards and Regulations
Green Data Centre Networks
Network Resource Management Techniques
Sustainable Network Routing Schemes and Concepts
Sustainable Wireless Networks
Peer-To-Peer Networks and Overlays
Sustainable Vehicular Ad-Hoc Networks
Green, Energy-Efficient and Sustainable Networking Architectures

Sustainable Networking and Applications

Smart Network Sensing Systems
Smart Society [Sustainable Models, Design, Frameworks and Strategies
Sustainable Vehicle Communication and Buildings
Sustainable Industrial Automation and Control
Smart Energy Generation, Transmission and Distribution
Sustainable Logistics and Supply Chain Management
Smart Transport Systems and Traffic Management Architectures
Smart and Sustainable Home, Health Care and Ageing Population Support
Sustainable Mobility and Vehicle Management
Smart User-Centred Services And Systems
Smart Data Analytics Techniques for Smart Cities
Smart Information System Architecture for Sustainability
Case Studies and Innovative Applications